Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dialog antara-iman di Taiping

Beberapa hari selepas sambutan hari lebaran, penghujung tahun 2002 yang dingin, kami bertemu di Taiping untuk membincangkan beberapa hal tentang isu-isu agama, negara dan kemanusiaan. Kemudian individu dan kumpulan ini menggabungkan diri dalam jaringan yang dipanggil Malaysian Interfaith Network (MIN). Berikut catatan di laman web rasmi MIN:

Anwar Fazal, the chairperson of the Taiping Peace Initiative, and one of the principal initiators of the dialogue summed up the importance of the 1st Taiping Interfaith Dialogue Roundtable in the following words: "Taiping and the creation of the Malaysian Interfaith Network (MIN) was such an energizing and invigorating event to end 2002 and to enter into 2003 - with vision, with hope and with action!"

T Selva wrote in The Star (8 January 2003): "A group of concerned Malaysians representing various faiths met in Taiping recently to discuss ways to create a more harmonious and peaceful society in multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia amidst rising tension and rumours of war in the world."

In fact, the over 30 Taiping Roundtable participants informed each other about the many ongoing altruistic social activities of the various faith and interfaith organizations, defined common values and common concerns they share and set up six action groups to address the most urgent concerns.

Finally they decided to establish the Malaysian Interfaith Network (MIN) in order to provide a platform of communi-cation for the various interfaith organizations, initiatives and actions in Malaysia

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