Monday, August 24, 2009


There were several regions of activation, but the most striking result, Janniko R Georgiadis says, was how certain regions in the front of the brain shut down during orgasm, especially one just behind the left eyeball.

Researchers have long noticed that damage to this area -- the lateral orbitofrontal cortex -- can leave people with wildly antisocial and impulsive tendencies, including hypersexuality.

Shutdowns in the brain's prefrontal cortex appears crucial, Georgiadis adds. "It's the seat of reason and behavioral control. But when you have an orgasm, you lose control."

Regions called the temporal lobes also showed damped activity. In fact, the less activity these regions showed, the more sexually aroused the women felt.

These deactivations might explain the appeal of autoerotic asphyxiation, the researchers say.

Depriving a brain of blood during sex not only provides a dangerous thrill but also shuts down key brain regions, leading to addictive orgasmic euphorias.

Sumber: "Science of the orgasm" by Regina Nuzzo [The LA Times February 11, 2008]

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rahmat haron said...

"when you have an orgasm, u lose control
"addictive orgasmic euphorias..

remind me of Sterlarc
"we always been prosthetic bodies. we fear the involuntary and we are becoming increasingly automated and extended. beut we fear what we have always been and what we have already become - Zombies and Cyborgs.