Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Are you there, God?

Sebagai menghabiskan sisa-sisa cuti sehingga hujung minggu ini, di sini saya "hadiahkan" tiga artikel menarik:

The study began with a simple observation. Intense competition between great apes, as described both by Homer and by primatologists, frequently boils down to precisely the same thing: access to females. >> Evolution of the theses, The Age, 21 April.

Throughout the 20th century, Latin America’s populist leaders waved Marxist banners, railed against foreign imperialists, and promised to deliver their people from poverty. One after another, their ideologically driven policies proved to be sluggish and shortsighted. Their failures led to a temporary retreat of the strongman. But now, a new generation of self-styled revolutionaries is trying to revive the misguided methods of their predecessors. >> The Return of the Idiot, Foreign Policy.com, May-June 2007

Have you ever prayed in your life? I probably once did pray for an erection, but not addressed to anyone in particular. Nor completely addressed to my cock. You’re too polite to ask if the prayer was answered. >> Are You There, God? It's Me, Hitchens, New York Magazine

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