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Kemas kini Esok, Jumaat, keputusan lebih lengkap rating akan dikeluarkan, kata laporan Utusan Malaysia semalam. Tetapi seperti telah diramal, RTM memang tetap mempertikaikan rating yang dikeluarkan oleh AGB Nielsen Media Research dua hari lepas.

Menariknya, RTM membuat tinjauan di Kg Baru, Kuala Lumpur: 28 daripada 30 buah kedai makan atau restoran di situ menonton rancangan 'Mawi ... Ina' dan hanya (ulang: hanya) dua kedai yang menonton persandingan Siti-K.

Agensi rating itu menyebut: 6.3 juta penonton memilih untuk menyaksi persandingan, sementara 4.7 juta lagi memilih untuk mengikuti kisah pasangan putus tunang.

Apakah akan ada perubahan statistik esok? Mari kita ikutinya sama-sama ....


Bagi anda yang tidak meminati acara gilang-gemilang Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin dan suaminya Khalid, sekurang-kurangnya ada 1 sebab kenapa anda harus memberikan perhatian pada majlis persandingan mereka malam tadi.

Sesiapa yang mengabaikannya, dan meremehkan acara ini, bukan sahaja boleh dianggap tidak up-to-date, tetapi juga tidak media**-and-political savvy (kecuali memiliki sebuah kereta dengan jenama ini!).

Begitu juga kepada anda yang tidak menganggap Mawi, apatah lagi tunangnya Ina, dua nama yang perlu diberikan perhatian (maklum, mereka tidak berpelajaran tinggi!), sekurang-kurangnya ada 1 sebab yang boleh memaksa mereka dua ini penting untuk digandingkan di stesen Astro dan RTM1 malam tadi, serentak dengan acara persandingan Siti-Datuk K.

Atau, jika semuanya itu tidak menarik minat anda, setidak-tidaknya kenyataan Menteri Penerangan boleh mendorong anda berfikir.

Saya tidak mahu mengulas lanjut. Tetapi setahu saya, mStar Online satu-satunya media terawal (ulang: terawal) yang berjaya menghidu "perang media" antara Astro-RTM1 dengan TV3.

Mungkin sahaja wartawan dan kami salah, tetapi analisa anda selanjutnya tergantunglah bagaimana anda menilai persoalan ini ...


Oh ya! Ia belum selesai sehingga Astro, RTM1 dan TV3 mengisytiharkan kemenangan masing-masing melalui pemeringkatan (rating) penonton masing-masing.

Atau, jika perang berlanjutan, rating itu sendiri harus dipertikaikan! Hehehe...

** media di sini dengan maksud lebih khusus, show business, industri hiburan yang ada hubungan dengan media

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Anonymous said...

Ya, tetapi itulah masalahnya di Malaysia. Ada "ratings war" tetapi tak siapa pun yg tahu, berapa ratings sebenar...


Anonymous said...

Point Blank: Give ’em Mawi and the marginalised, too

26 Aug 2006 NST Saturday
Johan Jaaffar

I GUESS we have become a celebrity- obsessed nation. Which society in a media-saturated world today isn’t? But things have gone too far of late, some would argue. When one can’t differentiate between publications like News of the World and The Independent (to be on the safe side, let me compare an apple with a plum in a faraway land), there is a problem.

Newspapers and TV are business concerns involving billions. They have to sell their products and attract audiences. They must have the "numbers" (readership or viewership) to entice advertisers. The media has to depend on advertisements. So the estimated RM3.7 billion worth of advertising money a year in this country has to be fought for. They don’t come as handouts. It is the survival of the fittest and the most read or watched out there.

Some politicians believe the Malaysian media is not doing enough for bangsa and negara. Some even believe it is their birthright to be reported and to be reported significantly. They can never understand the concept of newsworthiness, or the idea of what actually sells or even the basic notion of Press freedom.

Some argue for a balance — to determine at least where commercialism ends and national responsibilities begin. The debate is nothing new. Pressmen and women have been pestered to be responsible, to be part of nation-building and to be supportive of policies mooted by the rightful representatives of the people.

The issue here is how much is too much. Or should the media be more responsible themselves without having to be monitored and regulated.

TV culture today reminds me of a statement made by a former British prime minister, Ramsay MacDonald. When TV was still in its infancy, he hailed the medium as a "wonderful miracle" to "remind us of how strange and unknown" the world was. Today, the world has shrunk with the advent of TV and the Internet. Consumerism rules.

We live in a world of visual images and sound-bites. Only the media- savvy will survive. Perhaps what a media scholar and critic Neal Gabler wrote not long ago is true: Americans have been "conquered" by entertainment. American society is certainly media-saturated. Modern societies are nothing more than "slaves" of media barons and conglomerates and the trend is getting more disturbing by the day. Media barons are the new conquerors.

But, unlike Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan, who ravaged settlements and communities to set up empires, the likes of Rupert Murdoch are conquering the minds of billions.

As pointed out by John Pilger in his thought-provoking book Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism and Its Triumphs, fewer individuals now own bigger shares of the media ownership pie. In 1983, the principal media were owned by 50 corporations; in 2002, through mergers and acquisitions, the number had fallen to just nine. In 2004, Murdoch predicted that in three years there would only be three major media corporations; his would be one of them.

Edward Said in his book Culture and Imperialism warned about the power of the "new media" to penetrate "more deeply" into a "receiving" culture than any previous manifestation of Western technology. The presence of "international media" weighs heavily on our lives whether we like it or not. So we are merely either accepting, readjusting and reacting to the onslaught.

You can’t fight Murdoch and gang. You have to think and behave like him to win. And you have to emulate his successes to attract audiences and readers.

You can’t fight a station that offers 50 channels when you have only one or two.

I have no complaint about the hoopla over the marriage of one Datuk K and the lovable singer, Siti Nurhaliza. It is a hyped media event normally slated for royalty and the very, very rich and famous. But how many marriages get that kind of attention anyway? Perhaps there is such a thing as "marriage ceremony fatigue". Many people find majlis persandingan either drearily boring or outrageously pretentious these days. Guests are made to endure endless upacara berinai or mene- pung tawar in five-star hotels or listen to long, boring speeches by the host and, worst of all, having to watch the life stories of two 23-year-olds starting from birth. At least the fairytale marriage of Datuk K and Siti was shown in the comfort of our homes. That made it more palatable.

Again, having to endure celebrity stories and not-too-famous women attacking each other in public would unsettle even the most tolerant. Perhaps it is true the media can hurtle out of control in the search for readership and ratings. So complaints about too much for too little are surfacing.

As the nation prepares for its 49th anniversary, people are beginning to question what is taking centrestage in the media of late. Perhaps we need to address issues pertaining to the Ninth Malaysia Plan. Or perhaps the media should not forget that our parliamentarians have unanimously passed a resolution to condemn Israel’s aggression in Lebanon; and that the youth of various parties for the first time joined hands in a historic assembly at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka to condemn the attacks. These things didn’t get much attention in a celebrity-obsessed media.

I believe the media must find a middle road. They must understand the priorities demanded of them. Or else we will live in an unreal world where only dreams are celebrated and the woes of the marginalised are a footnote in history. True, the media has to play to the gallery. In short, if Mawi is the biggest thing that has happened to the Malays these last few years, give them Mawi, day in and day out. If the people think that even the ex-fiancee of Mawi deserves a show on TV, so be it.

Perhaps one cannot blame the media alone. Malays have a saying, tepuk dada tanya selera (beat your chest and ask what you want). They are merely catering to the demand. Yours! You asked for it. Having said that, the media too must beat to the rhythm of the nation, however jingoistic it may sound.

Anonymous said...

Bahas di Parlimen diketepi, artis kahwin diutamakan

Tue | Aug 29, 06 | 04:55:26 PM
Oleh Maslan Yusoh [Harakahdaily.net]

PASIR MAS, 29 Ogos (Hrkh) - Kerajaan dilihat sudah hilang wibawanya apabila program remeh temeh yang tidak membina minda rakyat dibiarkan disiar secara langsung melalui televisyen tempatan, sebaliknya perbahasan di Parlimen diketepikan.

Perkahwinan penyanyi Siti Nurhaliza dan temuramah eksklusif dengan bekas tunang Mawi, Nordiana Md Naim (Ina) dibuat secara langsung melalui televisyen tempatan malam tadi.

Mengulas perkembangan itu, Timbalan Presiden PAS, Ustaz Nasharuddin Mat Isa berkata, amat malang sekali bagi rakyat di negara ini, apabila hasrat mereka untuk melihat perbahasan di Parlimen dibuat secara langsung tidak kesampaian sehingga sekarang.

"Semasa saya menjadi ahli Parlimen Yan, pihak pembangkang sudah acap kali membangkitkan perkara tersebut, namun ia tidak menjadi kenyataan sehingga ke hari ini.

"Sebaliknya perkahwinan artis dan masalah hidup mereka pula dibuat secara langsung, sedangkan ia tidak mendatang manfaat kepada perkembangan minda rakyat untuk mencapai minda kelas pertama," katanya pada ceramah di Pusat Tarbiah Galok, dekat sini malam tadi.

Malam tadi juga berlangsung dua program yang seakan memperlihatkan persaingan media elektronik di antara satu sama lain iaitu perkahwinan Siti Nurhaliza dan temubual eksklusif dengan Mawi dan bekas tunangnya.

Menurut Nasharuddin itulah suasana pelik yang berlaku di negara ini sekarang apabila perkara yang remeh temeh diberi perhatian begitu besar sekali.

Begitu juga katanya, tindak tanduk anggota Parlimen Jasin, Dato' Mohd Said Yusof yang berterusan menghentam Kastam Diraja Malaysia kerana kegagalannya mendapatkan kereta Mercedes yang dilelong.

"Wakil rakyat itu dari mula-mula lagi menjadi anggota Parlimen saya perhatikan dia tidak membawa isu rakyat di kawasan yang diwakilinya, sebaliknya lebih suka mencari kesalahan pihak Kastam.

"Gara-gara kerana tidak berjaya mendapatkan kereta Mercedes yang dilelong Kastam menyebabkan dia terus mengkritik jabatan berkenaan sehingga sekarang," katanya.

Pada Julai lalu, hasrat anggota Parlimen Jasin untuk mendapatkan Mercedes Kompressor 200 CLK yang dilupuskan tidak kesampaian apabila ia diberi kepada pegawai tinggi kerajaan.

Ketua Pengarah Kastam memaklumkan jabatan itu dengan menghantar sepucuk surat pada 21 Julai 2006 kepada Mohd Said untuk membeli sebuah Mercedes Benz Masterpiece, satu daripada kereta mewah yang dilelong ketika itu.

Mohd Said sebelum itu mendakwa di Dewan Rakyat beberapa pegawai Kastam telah menyalahgunakan kuasa mereka dengan menjual kereta mewah, yang pemilikannya telah dibatalkan, pada harga rendah kepada pihak tertentu.

Nasharuddin pada ceramahnya juga mendakwa sumber kerajaan memberitahu ada warga asing dari negara jiran boleh keluar masuk secara bebas dalam mesyuarat Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Negara (MTEN) bagi membincangkan RMK9, baru-baru ini.

"Pegawai-pegawai kerajaan sendiri memberitahu mereka tidak kenal perempuan tersebut. Dan mereka mempersoalkan bagaimana dia boleh dibenarkan berada dalam mesyurat MTEN. Mereka juga mempersoalkan siapa yang membenarkan wanita itu masuk," katanya.

Hadir sama pada program tersebut, anggota Parlimen Pasir Mas, Ustaz Ismail Nuh, Adun Chetok, Ustaz Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman dan Pengarah Urusetia Penerangan Kerajaan Negeri, Ustaz Abdul Rahman Yunus.

Anonymous said...

...maka media (bentuk hiburan) lah yang mencorakkan pemikiran rakyat. Bukan sesuatu yang asing di Malaysia, media berlaku pra-matang akibat desakan kuasa komersial. Memang betul tidak semua ambil pusing pasal keremehan acara tersebut. Tapi setidaknya suku atau separuh rakyat Malaysia bertamu di rumah sendiri.

Apa yang menjadi hal pada perkahwinan dan perceraian itu dalam kehidupan kita? Sedikit pun barang sekuman hama tidak membantu membangun minda.

Tidak perlu kita ambil contoh dari lapangan lain. Ruang kesenian saja sudah cukup banyak isu yang jauh lebih penting ketimbang hal seluar dalam artis. tidak kah mereka sedar tentang itu? atau saja mendungukan rakyat agar satu paras dengan mereka...

Ini belum termasuk bual bicara harian di kedai kopi, tangga rumah jiran, bilik guru, parlimen, pasar ikan, pejabat dan hampir sepelusok negara. Semuanya kosong!, kosong! aku kata kosong!

[fakapunch] said...

...dan pemenangnya:



mat arau said...

Buat apa tengok yang telah disahkan. Lebih baik tengok yang masih disahkan solo. Mana tau kot-kot ada peluang.....

najwan halimi said...

brader fathi..mana menghilang? lamanya tak update blog..saya dah gian nak membaca ni?? :p

fathi aris omar said...

Najwan, ada,... di ofis (menara Star) tapi sibuk sket.

Sebelum tu boleh baca...

TV ratings on Siti wedding are ‘real’
05 Sep 2006 New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: The ratings are credible. This was what Media Prima Television Networks group chief executive Datuk Farid Ridzuan had to say on the viewership dispute for the wedding reception of singer Siti Nurhaliza Taruddin and Datuk Khalid Mohamad Jiwa as reported by AGB Nielsen Media Research Malaysia.

"AC Nielsen is a big company with offices around the world. This means that we are following worldwide standards. So how can we fabricate the ratings?" he told reporters covering the visit of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Fauziah to TV3 at Sri Pentas Bandar Utama, yesterday.

Farid was commenting on Deputy Information Minister Datuk Zahid Hamidi’s statement last Sunday that AC Nielsen ratings were flawed and needed to be reviewed.

"That is up to him but I suggest that he (Zahid) check with AC Nielsen himself," he said.

Farid confirmed that TV3 paid Siti and Datuk K for the rights to telecast live their wedding reception.

"I am not going to reveal the amount. But what I can tell you is that the money has gone to charity," he said.

He also said RTM should admit that it was competing for viewership when it decided to air the Mawi ... Ina special programme on the same day as Siti’s wedding reception.

"It's OK to compete. A healthy competition is good (among television stations) but we must admit that we are competing," he said.

Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin recently denied that RTM was competing for viewership when TV3 won the exclusive rights to air Siti’s wedding.

When the ratings results were released, Siti’s wedding telecast on Aug 28 attracted 6.3 million viewers compared to 4.7 million who watched the interviews with Akademi Fantasia 3 champion Mawi and his ex-fiancee Noordiana Md Daim on RTM1 and Astro Ria.

Earlier, the royal couple was given a briefing on the operations of TV3 and TV9, another network under the group. They also visited several of their studios.

Also present was Media Prima chairman Datuk Abdul Mutalib Mohamed Razak.