Monday, April 11, 2005

Berbicara kontroversi Ambalat

Sedutan laporan Jakarta Post (1 April 2005) sewaktu penulis sebagai ahli panel forum tentang pemberitaan kontroversi Malaysia-Indonesia dalam kes blok minyak Ambalat, tenggara Sabah.

Majlis ini dianjurkan oleh Institut Studi Arus Informasi (ISAI), Jakarta untuk mempromosikan idea kewartawanan pro-keamanan (peace journalism):

Fathi Aris Omar, a columnist for, said the word "Ambalat" was not even familiar in Malaysia, as the disputed area was more often referred to as "Block XYZ".

"There's nothing shocking about it. That's because Malaysia also has territorial disputes with Singapore and Thailand," he said. "But it became a vital issue when Indonesians started burning Malaysian flags."

The activists emphasized the need for the Indonesian media to promote "peace journalism", which means that news outlets should consider the implications of their coverage.

"Merely serving up the facts is not enough. You should also consider putting positive values into your reports because just a few days of war could bring years of suffering," Fathi said.

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