Sunday, April 17, 2005

Marilyn yang manis

Dua foto yang saya paling suka -- di daerah saya, Dungun, sewaktu kami jalan-jalan menjelang pilihan raya umum Mac 2004.

Catatan berikut ini diterbitkan dalam kolum hujung minggu (edisi baru) akhbar The Sun (17 Mei 2004) dengan tajuk 'The tale of two Western pop icons in PAS-land' (petikan):

SOME may find it hilarious. The photographs of legendary Western pop icons were taken at a small eatery in Dungun, some 80km south of Kuala Terengganu. But if we stop laughing, and start thinking, it is not amusing at all.

It is a problem, or even a tragedy, we Muslims are facing.

The photographs of Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles were taken about a week before PAS' rule ended in Terengganu.

My friend, a budding musician, and I were travelling to the East Coast as part-time researchers for an academic research institute during the general election.

The photograph of "s exy" Monroe, with her bare upper chest, while getting out of a car had to be down-profiled; whereas the one of smart all-male pop band could be hung on the wall. Interestingly, both were famous global pop icons which had great following.

We are used to thinking that Islamic fundamentalists or conservative Muslims are anti-Western entertainment idols.

I was never aware of the official banning of such photographs in the state under PAS rule. So I assumed the arrangement of the photos was heavily influenced by the state regulations on other matters or an unwritten policy created by the Islamic party's five-year administration.

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