Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Barbara Kingsolver [tentang pengarang ini], sewaktu menyampaikan ucapan di sebuah pesta buku [tentang festival buku ini dan ucapan Kingsolver], mengucapkan satu teka-teki kesasteraan (diolah dari perspektif J. Peder Zane):

Apabila saya menulis karya bukan cereka pembaca fikir saya memutar-belitkan fakta, tetapi apabila saya menulis karya cereka mereka yakin saya menyampaikan kebenaran.

Lengkap, sila klik di I've cracked the code of 'Da Vinci Code' hypomania oleh J. Peder Zane (The News & Observer, 14 Mei 2006). Baca juga "I'm a horrible eavesdropper" (, 16 Dis 1995)

Dan Brown menjawab kontroversi novel The Da Vinci Code, beberapa fakta ganjil tentang The Da Vinci Code, tayangan pertama filem The Da Vinci Code (18 Mei) dan bantahannya di negara kita, satu yang menarik ... Brown's book of distortions (NST, 15 May)


mat arau said...

Apakah perlu "Kod Rahsia" mempunyai nilai seninya yang tersendiri?

Atau kita boleh ciptakan suatu Kod yang unik dan suatu ketika pada masa hadapan ada seseorang cuba memecahkan Kod tersebut dengan pelbagai teori. Sebenarnya Kod tersebut hanyalah sekadar Kod yang tidak mempunyai nilai apa-apa cuma hanya sekadar Kod atau password sahaja. Tertipukah kita?

fathi aris omar said...

It is a form of pop culture, Mat Arau. Don't have to be serious.

Or perhaps, the controversy is planned to promote the film? Hehehe, another conspiracy theory?!

vovin said...

Komen saya terhadap filem tersebut (setelah menontonnya, sudah tentu, haha)

endroo G said...

The above is my blog post. It is very controversial on the church front.

By the way, a reply to my usenet post (Da Vinci's Code - the debates 15/04/2006) from fellow usenet user, HJR at tmnet.communities on 16-04-2006:

FYI I am also a Roman Catholic. Couldn't go for Easter Vigil Service, due to the rain and my heart problem. Went for the ordinary Easter Sunday Mass this Morning, though.

About the Da Vinci Code, you need to be a little careful here. You need to understand the context especially with regards to North American and European culture and history. You need to consider the anti-Christian and particularly the anti-Catholic agenda.

Da Vinci's art is a side issue. This is in many ways a repeat performance of "The holy blood and the holy grail" by Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. I could go on and on but I do not want to. There are others who can do better job than I can. Search the Internet but be discerning.

As for "Il Cenacolo" -- "The Last Supper" by Leonardo Da Vinci, stories about it's themes presented in the painting are as old as the painting itself. There is a school of thought that says that the "The Last Supper" reflects Leonardo's strong criticism of the Christian religion as found during the Renaissance and I agree. (What I find funny is how many of our Christian homes religiously hang the painting beside the dinner table. If only they knew.) Again the Internet can help you to learn more but I repeat, be discerning.

Peace be with you and may this Easter bring New Life for you and your family.

endroo G said...

All over the world across the globe, people are protesting this controversial movie but it is still approved by our govt for mass viewing.

The Last Communist, I bet many are still unaware of it let alone that most of us who know about it have not even seen it, they banned. Is it because of racism of religious related thingy?

This is a real joke. I'm starting to give up hope for this govt. Even a bow tie can cause a big issue... can you imagine what is the next big joke ?

"No wigs in the Dewan Rakyat meeting. Leave it at the door or go home."